Monday, 16 January 2017

AppBridge Migration Integration with AODocs for Google G Suite

AppBridge Announces Migration Integration with AODocs Document Management for Google G Suite

VANCOUVER, Canada (January 15, 2017) -- AppBridge Software Inc. today announced the launch of its new AppBridge Transformer migration connector add-on for AODocs. This new integration allows organizations to migrate from numerous source systems to G Suite and Google Drive and also provides the ability for them to instantly take advantage of the features of the popular AODocs enterprise document management add-on for G Suite.

By combining the migration process and AODocs setup, the AppBridge Transformer migration connector add-on for AODocs greatly simplifies the task of migrating enterprise content to G Suite. Instead of two potentially disjointed projects, end-users can get up and running with both G Suite and AODocs document management in one coordinated process. Transformer can automatically provision AODocs libraries, folders, permissions, and metadata, leading to an automated creation of an entire AODocs-enabled Google Drive infrastructure. Once the migration is complete, organizations can benefit from features in AODocs such as preventing accidental file deletion, re-sharing of files, and accidental public sharing.

“We’re delighted to release our new AODocs connector in the AppBridge Transformation Suite. This new offering will please organizations migrating to G Suite for the first time and also those looking to expand their use of AODocs document management features in Google Drive,” said Cameron Wallin, AppBridge CEO.

“Together, AODocs and AppBridge provide enterprise customers with a complete solution to replace their legacy file servers and document management systems,” said StĂ©phane DonzĂ©, AODocs CEO. "AppBridge makes it easy for organizations to move all their documents to the cloud and benefit from the security, organization and workflow features of AODocs.”

For more information about AppBridge’s support for migration to G Suite, Gmail, Google Drive, and the AODocs connector, please contact your AppBridge sales representative or email

About AppBridge
AppBridge was founded in 2014 in Vancouver, Canada. AppBridge’s flagship product, the AppBridge Transformation Suite, includes advanced reporting functionality in AppBridge Surveyor, and innovative migration scaling technology in AppBridge Transformer. With customers around the world, AppBridge is powering the world’s largest G Suite, Gmail, and Google Drive migrations. For more information, visit

About AODocs
AODocs is the only document management solution built for G Suite, giving
enterprises a new way to collaborate on Google Drive with added security, control, and structure for all of your files and folders. AODocs makes it simple to migrate files from legacy document management systems, implement business workflows, and apply document retention policies for enterprise collaboration on Google Drive. AODocs has patents pending for its Google Drive document management application and is one of the first Google Recommended Partner Solutions for G Suite. For more information, visit


Monday, 9 January 2017

G Suite Team Drive EAP Migration Support

Starting today we are offering AppBridge Transformer migration support for the G Suite Team Drives Early Adopter Program (EAP). This offer to those in the EAP for Team Drives has the potential to provide organizations zero downtime migrations from many source systems.

The new Team Drives, currently in testing, will add new functionality to Google Drive’s cloud-based storage capabilities. As Google wrote in their announcement of the Early Adopter Program, “Team Drives are shared spaces where teams can store their files and guarantee that every member has the most up-to-date information, no matter the time or place. Team Drives make onboarding easy, because every person and Google Group added to a Team Drive gets instant access to that team’s documents.”

For more information about AppBridge’s support for EAP migration to G Suite Team Drives, please contact your AppBridge sales representative or email