Friday, 6 May 2016

Google Slides Live Q&A Feature Released

The Google Apps group just released a really interesting feature for Google Slides. It's called Slides Q&A and it allows people to submit questions and vote on them during a live Google Slides presentation.

Instead of waiting until the end of a presentation, it's now easy to have the audience submit questions and then vote on which ones they would like to hear answered first. I've presented on a number of webinars on platforms with some of this functionality (minus the voting ability), but the ability for anyone to do it for free through Google Slides is a great step forward for audience participation.  People who are too shy to raise their hand will love the ability to submit questions and everyone will benefit from the voting functionality.

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Here are some of the notes from the announcement:

  • The Slides Q&A feature works on desktop computers, Android mobile devices, and iOS mobile devices.
  • You can only use Slides Q&A if you have edit or comment access to that Slides presentation.
  • By default, any user in your domain can submit a question. If your organization permits external sharing, you can allow external users to submit questions as well.

For a great example of this feature being used with a live audience, check out the Slides Q&A video demo.

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