Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Google brings BigQuery to Google Drive

Google has just announced that they're integrating the power of BigQuery with Google Drive. This combines impressive analytical power and speed with the simplicity and convenience of Google Sheets.

If you're not familiar with BigQuery, Google describes it as a "serverless fully-managed analytics data warehouse." By providing this new integration, Google makes it simple to add and edit data being used by your queries. Simply specify a Google Sheet as your table data source and you're done. Changes you make in the Sheet will be immediately reflected in your query results--which can now be saved to a Sheet as well.

With big data such a hot topic these days, this functionality could be immediately useful to a lot of organizations. Not to mention all the academics and scientists out there that are looking for flexible ways to get their work done.

migration to Google Apps and Google Drive
- creating a BigQuery table with a Google Sheet as the data source

Here are some highlights from the announcement:

  • Save query results directly to Google Sheets from the BigQuery UI. 
  • Query files directly from Google Drive, without first loading them into BigQuery. 
  • Query Google Sheets spreadsheets from BigQuery as you edit them in Sheets! 
For more information about this powerful new functionality, you can read the full post on the Google Cloud Big Data and Machine Learning blog.

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